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BeStarck is the result of the combined inspiration of three sassy, professional women just like you. We believe that style is an attitude, and whether for the boardroom or going out on the town, we encourage our friends to express their individuality and femininity with unique signature looks.


Our vision of the ideal world is one in which every woman, regardless of age, size or shape is confident and comfortable in her own skin. In every girl is a strong, passionate individual who has a right to accentuate her natural beauty through style. The essence of BeStarck is to provide the right guidance, along with a carefully selected choice of fashion pieces, to allow every woman to exude beauty and poise in her own personal way. The name “BeStarck” embodies our philosophy; translated from German, “starck” means strong, and we ultimately stand for strong women.


At BeStarck, fashion is more than just clothes; it’s a lifestyle. We offer a world of sophistication, sensuality and creative expression that goes beyond the outfit you are wearing. We strive to seek out and pass on the most relevant products, information, tools and tips to give you that extra something; the wow-factor that will turn heads every time.


Be Strong, Be You, BeStarck